Written by John Rayner, edited by David Oxford

Online games are indisputably fun and easily accessible, which is probably why this specific area of gaming is so popular with people of all ages. Yet there are other surprising benefits to gaming which go beyond the exhilaration of mobile entertainment, including the fact that the regular playing of online games can be beneficial for your health. Console and online games have been much maligned in the press over the years, with many people believing they are in many ways detrimental to a person’s well being, but we are here to convey some of the many positive aspects online gaming.

Memory Skills

You will often hear adults of a certain age complaining that their memory is not as good as it used to be, yet very few actually do something to combat this inconvenient problem. However, one way in which memory can be improved is by playing online games which include tasks that require certain components to be remembered in a finite amount of time. A simplified example of this is Trolley Dash, a game that requires players to collect things from their virtual shopping list in a certain amount of time before moving to the next level. As you pass to each level, the amount of items on your list increases, giving your memory a work out each time you play.


Improve Reactions

Although fine motor skills (also referred to as dexterity), are an essential part of everyday life, it is rare for people to concentrate on maintaining and improving them. Online First Person Shooter (FPS) games like Call of Duty and Halo: Combat Evolved are a fantastic way to keep on top of not only your motor skills, but also your mental agility due to the way you are encouraged to react quickly against your virtual enemies. Studies conducted at the University of Wisconsin revealed that when a person plays FPS games in particular, their brain functions more efficiently and their reactions are much faster as a result.

Aid Recovery

Should you be feeling ill, or you are required to spend some time recuperating, long spells off inactivity can decrease your mood and lead to lethargy. Yet immobility need not mean simply staying in bed, waiting for your health to improve, and the playing of fun online games can actually heighten your mood, which may then lead to a speedier recovery. There are many studies that associate happiness and good mental health with physical recovery and online games are certainly one way to enhance your happiness through entertainment

Social Skills

Online gaming provides access to an entire world beyond our own reality and for those who either can’t or do not want to venture into real life social situations, gaming is one way they can interact with others without leaving their comfort zone. The traditional game of bingo has long been associated with socializing, and it can now be enjoyed online, even when you can’t make it to a real life bingo hall. Should you be looking to work your way up to venturing out to play games and socialize with others by playing bingo online, a site like Coral is a good place to start. If you wish to increase your social skills in the safe environment of your own home why not get your eyes down at Coral and enjoy the variety of bingo games they have to offer?


Get More Exercise

Games that encourage you to go outdoors and walk (or even run) more often than you would usually are a fantastic way to get fit while not even noticing you are doing it. One such game that allows players to do this is Pokémon GO, which is popular with children and adults alike. Intertwining reality with the virtual world of Pokémon, player are invited to “Get up and go” to catch as many Pokémon characters as they can. Players download the app to see where the cute creatures are, and it uses real world maps so you can explore your region as you attempt to find them.