I’ve made no secret in the past that Simon Belmont is one of my favorite characters from throughout the entirety of Castlevania lore, and so even while Konami is no longer on my list of favorite video game companies as of late (if for no other reason than it helps to actually make video games to be on the list), I’m thrilled that First 4 Figures has announced that my favorite vampire hunter is getting his due by way of one of their collectible statues.


Sadly, their website doesn’t have any further images or details as of this writing, but pre-orders apparently go live on Tuesday, October 13th. How much is a pre-order? Got me, but it’s probably not cheap (another figure of theirs is $40 to pre-order).

I’d love to have one of these for my very own, of course, but I doubt I’m affording the full price any time soon. They’ve also got a really neat Cat Mario statue that doubles as a sort of maneki-neko “lucky cat” statue as well, which would fill two niches for me (I’ve always wanted a maneki-neko).

Ah, well. Whether I get one or not, I’m just happy to see a little love and respect (and what appears to be a cool sculpt/design) for the original star of the Castlevania series.