First of all, I haven’t forgotten about this. That’s more of a “crack my knuckles, pop my neck, sit down for a while” thing, while this is just some quick fun.

That said, I came across this interesting video on YouTube, a promotional video which was apparently a free rental at Blockbuster Video back in the 90s. Its vintage definitely shows, as it seems slightly reminiscent of Nintendo’s own promotional videos, but more in tune with the direction SEGA was headed at the time.

The main focus of the video is on the SEGA 32X, the add-on SEGA devised to keep the Genesis gravy train rolling just a bit longer as they worked on the Saturn. Suffice to say, splitting their audience between two rather expensive devices didn’t really work out in their favor, and helped lead the company down the path which brought them to where they are today.

Part of what’s interesting is that the entire video (save NFL ’95) is pretty much accompanied by a soundtrack from a SEGA CD game, Sonic the Hedgehog CD (the American version, natch). Much as I like it, it’s nonetheless strange to hear those songs promoting a system Sonic didn’t even have a presence on (Knuckles Chaotix apparently wasn’t even a thing yet).

This carries over into the Genesis games promoted as well. Who can say why they didn’t use Sonic & Knuckles‘ own catchy tunes, or why Ecco– who has his own SEGA CD game– didn’t have its soundtrack used for Ecco: The Tides of Time?

For me, one of the highlights here is the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers commercial for the Genesis game. I’d forgotten that they apparently got all the actual actors from the show to do their lines in this. It seems like a no-brainer, but is less common than you might think. And Rita closing with the SEGA Scream? Classic.

Incidentally, I acquired a copy of the game not too long ago (as I imagine its Virtual Console prospects are nothing if not rather grim), but have had trouble getting it working. I hope it’s not broken, as I’ve never gotten to play the Genesis version before– only the Green Ranger and Dragonzord-less Super NES version.

Finally, there’s the NFL ’95 ad. Does anyone remember when SEGA had its own sports label, back when EA didn’t own everything related to the NFL? I’m far from a sports or football fan, but I did find the commercial here rather enjoyable just the same.

I hope you enjoyed this little blast from the past; I’ll see if I can’t do more in the future.