There is so much else I need to be writing right now, but I’m hoping this will help shake things loose a little bit.

Yahoo! has an article which, as the title says, looks at 13 fast food items with cult followings. With a hook like that, how could I resist?

It has some of the usual suspects on there, such as Shamrock Shakes and the McRib (both of which I enjoy, especially the former), and some other unexpected offerings as well. Who knew that McDonald’s pizza (the top 3/4 of the sideways arches are sort of like a “z”, you see) had such a following? I only regret never getting to try it myself. There are other items on there, including newer fare such as the KFC Double Down and Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos taco.

Some of these others sound like interesting items to try, but what I wish there was more of a following for is the Arch Deluxe. I did love that burger so, particularly the sauce, but it seems like it will be one of those items which is destined to remain locked away in the storehouse of our memories alongside Ecto Cooler, the Colonel’s Rotisserie Gold, and Crystal Pepsi. I do wonder if there are other like-minded individuals who would like to see its return, though.