• The verdict: Pizza Pizza. #
  • Meanwhile, another scan proceeds on the computer. Stupid viruses and crap…those making them know there's a special place in Hell for them. #
  • Or they should, at least. #
  • Well, the virus scan is running, and it looks like I'm sidelined from the computer AGAIN. May as well work on Sonic 4 for review. #
  • Hopefully tomorrow will prove better for productivity… sigh. I know I keep saying that, but really, I have stuff I want to get written! #
  • @makzu @alyankovic I was honestly expecting a marquee of poster for Jackass 3D. in reply to makzu #
  • @CMPunk In a Post Office six time zones to the west? in reply to CMPunk #
  • @CMPunk Halloween answer: At the Ghost Office. in reply to CMPunk #
  • Sonic 4 is now but a memory. A fresh one, thankfully, as I'll be trying to review it later today. #
  • I still plan to play it here and there, but only some Zones/Acts, at least more than others. #
  • Never got that third Chaos Emerald, though. I'll let those two settle that in Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing. #
  • Currently reading http://www.cracked.com/article_18813_5-reasons-hollywood-needs-to-stop-making-prequels.html #
  • @reneepaquette I have. They taste surprisingly similar to a Burger King cheeseburger in chip form. in reply to reneepaquette #
  • @PressTheButtons Yep!That's one level I may not replay any time soon.I don't even remember how I overcame it–just experimented with timing. in reply to PressTheButtons #
  • @PressTheButtons GameFAQs and IGN were no help, either. I really think that part runs against the expectations of a Sonic title. in reply to PressTheButtons #
  • Bloody computer is STILL being scanned for crap… #
  • And now, with scans complete, the damn computer won't connect to the Internet. #
  • And after a call to Rogers tech support, we're no better off, except we now know the problem is apparently with "the computer." #
  • Looks like I'm going to owe @DaveOshry some extra work for @RipTen when all is said and done. #
  • Damn it all. I'm DAYS behind on stuff now. I just want to put my head through a wall. #

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