• I've not been on Twitter all day, and now it's time to catch up. Hoo-boy… #
  • @TDiBiaseMarine2 Outback is good; I miss it. For some reason, they never seem to last long up here in Canada. in reply to TDiBiaseMarine2 #
  • This may actually be a comic book death-cheat that's worthwhile: RT @IGN Carnage returns to Spider-Man! #SDCCIGN | http://go.ign.com/a8GK7d #
  • Not that I'm any huge fan of Carnage, but the overall concept sounds interesting enough. #
  • Even the last one? RT @TimOfLegend Yay! All the unicorns are dead! #
  • @BandaiAmerica "Original Pilot Ep." Does that mean no "enhancements"? in reply to BandaiAmerica #
  • RT @Brandon_Whaley People I knowSDCC is cool & all, but we've overlooked that the MegaManZeroCompleteWorks from @UdonCrew is back in stock! #
  • @DanRyckert I just ignore it, same as I do crap for any other system. Except the NES, because that's VINTAGE crap. in reply to DanRyckert #
  • @kfc_colonel Heading down to the US from Canada this week, & it's my 1st chance to try a DoubleDown. Any coupons/specials I should know of? #
  • http://bit.ly/9ZfuNQ Darth Vader robs NY bank, still at large. Eyewitness reports say attempts to apprehend have all failed after… #
  • …the suspect waved his hand before the officers' eyes and told them "he was not the culprit they are looking for." #
  • Games shipping the week of July 26th, 2010 – http://tinyurl.com/3amuaw7 #
  • @kfc_colonel Certainly; it is the first thing I will do once the train stops. I plan to do a few other things, but Double Down comes first. in reply to kfc_colonel #
  • @mendicino Aww, looks like Tango. in reply to mendicino #
  • Twitter on iPhone: Plus: Smoother scrolling/reading. Minus: looks like I can only go back 10 hrs. Plus: with iPhone, hopefully won't need to #
  • @mendicino One of ours. Kitten. in reply to mendicino #

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