• Whew, back from @TFcon_Toronto. Wish I could go tomorrow. Got to meet/see @DerrickJWyatt, @Protomanx, and @Vangelus, as well as David Kaye. #
  • And from the latter, I seem to have acquired a new nickname: "Scott." #
  • Well, I'm beat. And I may take in some more TFcon tomorrow… either way, it's time to hit the hay. #
  • Damn… I was hoping to get back out to TFcon today, but got a bad charlie horse in my sleep this morning. How disappointing. #
  • I wanted to see the GoBots panel, and maybe hit the dealer's room, since I didn't get anything yesterday. Damn. :( #
  • @CallMeWingus Depending on where it's at? Pet owners, perhaps. in reply to CallMeWingus #

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