1. Another week, another live-action fan-made Nintendo video featuring the cast of the Super Mario games in a reimagined existence in which drama takes center stage:

    Kind of reminds me of “There Will Be Brawl,” which I really need to catch up on. Perhaps sometime I’ll do an edition of Tubin’ full of that.

    Thanks to Topless Robot for the find.

  2. Via PhillyD.tv comes the beginning of a conflict which can only be described as “wholesomely epic:”

    I thought it would be something like Nick at Nite’s old “Milkman” spots, but this was far better.

  3. Also from PhillyD.tv:
    I was under the impression that Shao-Lin soccer was a fictional movie, but apparently I was wrong. Check out the kick at 0:28. The video cuts off, just before they all went super Saiyan and things got crazy.

    Now I know why the rest of the world loves soccer so much. So why can’t ours be like this? For that matter, are there any games built on this? Besides Mega Man Soccer and Mario Strikers (which really aren’t the same), that is?

  4. Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool.

    Ryan Reynolds will be the Green Lantern.

    Ryan Reynolds has clearly instigated a problem:

    …not that some sort of compromise wouldn’t be cool.

  5. And finally, getting to see this live on Sunday was a blast:

    And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without saying “behold, the DX Army!”

    And hey, just found the TV version in an unlikely place:

–LBD “Nytetrayn”