Just a note, for anyone who might actually read this (I need a visitor stat tracker so bad…): No updates this week, and probably into the first half of next week, as the following days will be spent: preparing to go to Otakon, going to Otakon, being at Otakon, coming home from Otakon, and collapsing after Otakon.

As you can see, the itinerary is quite full.

However, I invite anyone who will be there to come see me and my fellow Mega Fans at the panel “The Secret Life of Mega Man,” which is currently scheduled for 12:30pm on Saturday*. Hope to see you there!

–LBD “Nytetrayn”

*Card is subject to change; please refer to convention schedules and listings for further details

  • http://www.strategyguidereviews.com Kombo Keri

    Aww, so happy you’re getting a vacation! Have a great time at the con! Otakon is one I’ve always wanted to attend.