Ever since Metallica went after Napster and the RIAA became a four-letter word (in spite of still not being an actual word), the music industry has been trying to find some way to account for a drop in sales. Now, The Pirate Bay, a torrent site/community, has come under trial.

During The Pirate Bay trial, the music industry placed the blame for the decline in their revenues squarely on the shoulders of file-sharers. Their logic is clearly flawed, but it could sway the verdict if no alternative explanation is presented. So, if piracy isn’t to blame, then what is *actually* killing the music industry? — TorrentFreak

That is the question which is posed at TorrentFreak, which has an article up in which they attempt to answer that very question. The typical answer from the vocal public whenever a business complains of falling revenues is that companies need to “look in the mirror,” to put it bluntly. And I’m curious: Can anyone name a case where such has actually happened? I wouldn’t expect it to be terribly well publicized versus the businesses trying to blame the people they’re trying to get their money from, but I’m wondering if anyone knows of an instance where revenues are falling, and the company has outright said “we need to start doing things differently.”

Offhand, the only one which comes to mind seems to be Electronic Arts, who has been pretty vocal lately about trying to clean up their act: Release higher quality games, create original franchises, and in the above link, trying to figure out better release dates. Granted, some of these things may be strictly “duh” to the casual observer or avid gamer, but at least they’re shouldering the responsibility and trying to make things better all around, and I can respect that.

As for music, I guess I’ll just say that a very, very small portion of what they put out holds any real appeal to me. I’m more likely to listen to theme songs, soundtracks (including/especially video games), or on occasion, something that’s been used in advertising and caught my ear. Unfortunately, the music industry doesn’t tend to cater to my tastes very much. And that’s why they seldom get very much of my money.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”