Now here is an interesting premise for a movie I would love to see: The Man Who Sued God. From Wikipedia:

The Man Who Sued God is a 2001 Australian movie in which Billy Connolly plays Steve Myers, an ex-lawyer who sues God because his boat is struck by lightning, and his insurance company refuses to pay, claiming it to be an act of God. By claiming to be God’s representatives on Earth, the Christian churches and Jewish synagogues are held to be the liable party, putting them in the difficult position of either having to pay out large sums of money, or prove that God does not exist.

Anyone know if this is available in North America? Sadly, the article lacks the details many of its brethren contain on releases and availability.

For those wondering, the subject came up in the comments of this post on The Consumerist, wherein someone who works at a store next to a Target had his vehicle struck by an errant shopping cart, only to be told by the manager that they “weren’t responsible” for the damages.

Speaking of The Consumerist, I just want to congratulate them on their recent purchase by Consumers Union. Glad to know the site will continue on.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”