So long as we’re on the Retro Railroad (that’s actually sort of a nifty name, maybe I should use it for something), here’s something I found earlier while browsing GameTrailers:

News program Good Morning America did a segment on Nintendo and its competitors during the 1990 holiday season. It was a question wether or not Nintendo could uphold their position as top game maker despite their older NES hardware compared to their rival’s 16-bit systems. Nintendo wasn’t gonna have their 16-bit system released in the States until the following year. More powerful systems also meant a higher price tag which was a major concern due to the U.S. economy at the time.

It’s funny to look back at things like analysts predicting Nintendo falling out of the business before the end of their first console’s run, and then looking at them now. It’s also a trip to see Tom Kalinske back when he was running SEGA, while Howard Phillips was still the spokes-Gamemaster for Nintendo.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”