Actually, I’ve had the flu for several days now. It hasn’t been fun. My posting at MMN has suffered for it, my posting here has suffered for it, and most of all, I’ve suffered for it, because I’ve had to work through it for most of the week. But at least the weekend is here, and I can sort of relax. As much as one can relax as their lungs try to make a break from their bodies, but I digress.

I wanted to make a post here, and so I ask myself, “what’s the easiest post I can make that even a braindead chipmunk could pull off, yet still be redeeming and entertaining?” And the answer, as it always is, would be “YouTube videos!”

In all seriousness, I’d been wanting to post these anyway, this is just convenient timing. I haven’t watched these particular videos yet, but Mike Mozart at JeepersMedia is usually pretty cool in a charming geek sort of way, so I’m trusting that these will be good. You can find more of his stuff, including all sorts of weird toy reviews and even some “WTF were they thinking?” looks at toys on his YouTube channel.

What I’m posting today is Mike’s visit to one of my favorite places in New York, the Nintendo World Store! Check it out:

And part two looks at the upstairs:

I’ll have to visit again myself someday, perhaps when it’s not the day before (and of) a major new console release.