Ah, been awhile, but here we are, with a new roundup of various videos to validate… um… very…

Oh, screw it. On with the shows.

  1. To start things off, I just got this from Matt over at Press The Buttons.

    I showed off a video of Nintendo’s Wii/Zelda assembly line in action, and said that it was too boring, stale, that it needed music. Not just any music, but that music.

    And much to my delight, Matt has delivered upon my wishes.

    Go check it out!

  2. Is this even allowed? From Yahoo, two ping-pong players go above and beyond to keep their ball in play.

    Hell, if I were a judge (ref?), I think I’d allow it just based on how impressive it is.

  3. We all know that Link is awesome. I know it, you know it, and even the gay community knows it. So what could be better than a movie starring Link?

    The answer, of course, is a movie starring four Links.

    Based on The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures, 4 Swords Misadventures is an amusing tongue-in-cheek following of the hero… er, heroes as they work together to try and free Princess Zelda from the evil sorceror Vaati.

    Following the first ep above, the adventure continues with episode 2.1, the Newgrounds Daily 3rd Place-winning episode 2.2, and Daily 2nd Place-winning episode 3.

  4. Moving to commercials for a bit, does anyone remember Superman Peanut Butter?

    I barely do, never had the stuff personally. But evidently it’s so good that all the LexCorp scientists and Luthor himself can’t figure out why.

    …everything in the world just feels so… so WRONG now…

  5. Wow, I don’t even remember this one… Advanced Dungeons & Dragons for the Mattel Intellivision.

    “You just killed the dragon!” “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…”


  6. Speaking of Intellivision, here’s an ad for it from Hills I love how the controllers slide into the console for storage.

    Wait, “Hills?” Who the Hell are Hills?

    Do they even still exist? *checks Wikipedia* …evidently not.

    …they have a fansite? Wow.

    I do remember Rose’s, though, but I’ve not seen one in years. Fond memories. I did manage to snag a bunch of cool Nintendo stuff from the one back in Monroe prior to their shutting down, at least.

  7. Oh, and while we’re at it, before there was Grand Theft Auto corrupting our youth into violent, rampaging, raping murder machines, we had Lock and Chase training them through intense simulations to rob the bank, and evade the cops through mazes.


  8. Whenever I see a commercial like this, I can’t help but wonder if way back in the day the average “McJob” carried the loathing and lack of respect it seems to today.
  9. It’s funny to think that something like the bacon double-cheeseburger was ever “new.”
  10. This Pizza Hut commercial seems so southern-styled, it’s hard to imagine it playing anywhere else.
  11. I remember when Pepsi used to make Pepsi Free. Hell, it even got a mention in Back To The Future part II, but Red’s never heard of it before.

    My mom used to drink the stuff all the time, was a little upset when she at first couldn’t find it anymore. Turns out they just changed the name to “Caffeine Free Pepsi.”

    In any case, wow, check out that old-styled can. Even I don’t remember that.

  12. Gotta admit, it’s hard to think of a better endorsement for Pac-Man and his family than Chef Boyardee pasta and cereal.

    Not that Mario would be upstaged, though, hence his own macaroni.

  13. I guess Extra-Crispy Doritos just didn’t catch on. Maybe Col. Sanders didn’t like the infringement…
  14. I think Nintendo ought to recreate this to advertise the Virtual Console.

    I mean, come on, a retro commercial to sell retro games? What better idea?

  15. …am I the only one who remembers at least one verse of this whenever Lego blocks are brought up?
  16. An amusing clip of Michael Jordan shopping for Coke at Food Lion in North Carolina. Seriously, I love this one just because it makes me think of home.

    …think he had to pay for that cabbage, though?

  17. “KFC? OH! You mean Kentucky Fried Chicken, don’t you?”

    “Yeah, before some states got uppity and started charging fees for their name usage.”

  18. I used to love this stuff, in spite of the commercial.

    Anyone else? I miss it now.

  19. Mayor McCheese, bears, and Ronald ultimately being glad his suit is yellow. What’s not to love about this commercial?
  20. I’ve never heard of a Priazzo Roma pie from Pizza Hut before, and I am truely regretful of this.

    Anyone ever had it? If so, how was it? I’m dying to know.

  21. Yet another product I’ve never heard of. Campbell’s Nacho Cheese Soup/Dip? Is that like a really thick soup? Or a thin dip? What the hell?

    No wonder it didn’t catch on. Versatile at it appears to be…

  22. Even though I was almost strictly a TransFormers kid growing up, I do have to admit that I did want the GoBots Command Center.

    These days, in a world of Sonic on Nintendo systems, Marvel/DC crossovers, and WCW and ECW under the WWE banner, I can’t help but want a new line to be TransFormers vs. GoBots.

  23. Speaking of which, my parents actually got me one of these.

    “Who the f#@% is this Autobot?”

    “Uh, Prime, Chargertron’s been helping us out for a little while now… we use him as a decoy–”


    …that’s more or less how he fit in.

  24. Remember that Red Steel ad I mentioned a few days ago? (not that it matters, there’s the link anyway) Here’s a grown man’s reaction to it.


    I don’t know what’s more disturbing, that, or this guy getting hit by a pillow.

  25. Robot Chicken takes a look at the life and times of Calvin & Hobbes.

    Oh, admit it, you knew there was something wrong with that kid.

  26. This is just cool: a very precise indoor flight of a remote controlled airplane.
  27. This one’s been making news all week: The Mario Bros. in Vice City (of Grand Theft Auto fame, of course).

    A few comments, so watch before being spoiled.

    That part where they get the “pimped-out ride” makes me want to dig up my old Footcruiser and stick Wario in the driver’s seat.

    The one part that I think the video falters is near the end. Up to that point, the whole idea had been the Marios being completely out of their element, relying on the tricks that worked in their world to see them through this one, and remaining in-character the whole time. That’s what made it all funny.

    But when Mario breaks out the automatic and starts gunning everyone down, that just sort of took the toon out of what it was doing. I mean, couldn’t they have had him start fling fireballs or even a firing a Super Scope? That’s just my grievance, though. The end would be the same and all, but it just seemed to break from the context of the rest of the piece.

  28. Anyone remember The Critic? Short-lived cartoon, and unjustly so, from the early 90s about a New York film critic and his memorable cast of characters.

    Here’s a bunch of clips from the first ep of the second season.

    …and who doesn’t love a Jurassic Park parody?

  29. Super Mario 64 wasn’t exactly what people were looking for in a launch title for the Nintendo DS, not even an enhanced version. Therefore, there’s a good chance that a number of people haven’t seen the game’s opening.

    And due to the control scheme (workable, but not nearly as good as the N64’s), even fewer have seen the revised ending. Sadly, it was evidently filmed by a camera fixed on a DS, rather than by the more traditional methods a lot of sites use. So unfortunately, you can’t see the cake being made with the credits played over it on the bottom screen, though the guy playing does show you the finished product at the end.

  30. A little bit of history. Superman doesn’t like Darkseid. Darkseid managed to brainwash Superman into attacking the Earth and all he holds dear.

    Here, Superman’s snapped out of it, and wants some payback.

    Incidently, I was reminded of the part near the end when Darkseid speaks of what he is when I heard about people in Iraq protesting Saddam’s sentencing. I imagine more parallels could be drawn, but that’s not what this place is for.

    Anyway, years later, as a part of the Justice League, they have another encounter.

    And years further, at what was perhaps a source of sorrow and pride for those of us who had followed Bruce Timm’s version of the DC universe from Batman: The Animated Series through Justice League Unlimited, the final battle between Superman and Darkseid, where Superman finally cuts loose after Darkseid’s forces invade the Earth.

  31. On a different note, there are probably a good number of gamers whose first taste of Super Smash Bros. was with the GameCube version, Melee.

    For those like me who never played the N64 version, I present to you its opening.

    As a bonus, you can see Mario wrap it up against Metal Mario, the Fighting Polygons, and Master Hand.

  32. This week, on Cooking with Scorpion

    Yes, this IS legit.

  33. From Dragon Ball Z: Cell searches for Android 18.

    …however, he uses a method no one ever expected…

  34. Since this has run a bit long, I’m just going to wrap up here before this list reaches OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND!!!

–LBD “Nytetrayn”

  • http://www.rockmanpm.com/ Iriasu

    3. The voice of Purple Link (Mario Simic) lives just a few blocks away from my house. :P

  • Shinkuu

    7. I LOVED Lock and Chase! I played that for ages, and after I beat it, I even played around with my Game Boy Game Genie to see if I could create any codes for it. I came up with some nifty ones, including one that glitched up the cop respawns (such that they could come back outside the maze, thus unable to catch you) and one for invincibility. I submitted them to a magazine and got a free Game Gear Game Genie for it!