Yeah, so I’m getting really bad at updating this all of a sudden. Fact is, I’m finally employed as of today, and so my schedule isn’t what it’s been since I began doing this, so I need to make some adjustments, and adjustments will be made, rest assured.

Just at the moment, I need to see where things will be falling, and be able to plan accordingly. Sadly, this site doesn’t pay the bills (I do this for my own enjoyment, believe it or not), and it’s actually fairly time-consuming, usually several hours per update.

At any rate, by the end of the week, or maybe next, I will hopefully have some sort of routine to adhere to, though with the holiday season and this temporary position, things could change. You’ll still get everything, it just might take a little longer for a little while. So please bear with me on this.

–LBD “Nytetrayn”