So Nintendo came and had their big US press conference out of the Nintendo World Store over in New York. Wish I could’ve gone, but what can you do?

Well, you can dig around for information at various sites online(or just come here, where it’s been compiled).

IGN was pretty well on top of things, perhaps faster than anyone else. GameSpot did alright as well, though their “live” video was anything but. And somewhere, Luke Smith seems to be hunting and pecking at his keyboard while everyone else runs off to play.

Anyway, if you want a step-by-step of the entire thing, check either of those first two links above. Here are the high points:

  1. Reggie basically reiterates a little of what we know- November 19th, $249.99. 25,000 points of distribution across the Americas.“One price. One configuration. One color.” Which is, for the record, white.”
  2. America, as with the DS, will be getting the Wii first, with 4 million units being shipped by 12/31, and America getting the lion’s share of the stock.
  3. The box will contain the Wii, the cables, a sensor bar, one remote, and one nunchuck, and Wii Sports, which features golf, boxing, baseball, bowling, and of course, tennis. Additional Wii remotes will go for $39.99, $19.99 for a nunchuck.(OUCH. I know it does a lot more than your standard run-of-the-mill controller here, but that’s still a tough sell.)

    Reggie invites someone from NOA to show off the bowling:

    To play the game, the controller is swung backward and then pushed forward — almost like you’d hit a golf ball. It’s as simple as that. You can give the ball spin by tilting the controller as you release.

    “This is designed to get everyone involved playing.” Game will be packed with Wii. Everyone’ll get it when they buy the system.”

  4. “With Wii sports, these titles(including Excite Truck and Zelda) represent a fantastic trio…” “First time we have a Zelda title available on launch day. It gives us a huge boost and huge momentum right out of the box. It’s a masterpiece game. We will continue to make those big masterpiece titles for the core gamer, as well as new games to drive market expansion.”

    “If you were to play Zelda all day to day for six hours, you’d only be scratching the surface…”

    I love how big this game is sounding. Oh, by the way– Link is no longer a lefty.

    I think he should be ambidexterous, myself…

  5. Japan showed off 104 titles yesterday, and America will see 30 available in the launch window, with about half at launch itself, first-party games being priced at $49.99. Third-parties are encouraged to “price appropriately.”
  6. Some games due out on Day 1 are: Call of Duty 3, Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam, Trauma Center: Second Opinion, Need for Speed: Carbon, Madden 07, Elebits, Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz, Rayman: Raving Rabbids, and Splinter Cell: Double Agent.
  7. They talk about Wii channels, which includes the Virual Console with 30 games by year’s end(including Super Mario World and Super Mario 64), and 10 more per month after that. NES games will be available for 500 Wii points, Super NES games for 800, and Nintendo 64 for 1,000 via a “Wii Points” card available at retail, which goes for about 2,000 points for $20($24 Canadian).“Looks like they’re taking the same tack as Microsoft: Consumers part with fake money more easily than real money.”

    Reportedly, Nintendo’s rates are better(Microsoft’s 5000 = $62.50).

  8. Bill Trinen shows off the Wii Channels, which “will make non-gamers want to pick up the Wii.” The “Mii” Channel allows for custom user images such as we saw at E3, presumably. Saying he wants to create Samuel L. Jackson, Bill modifies many aspects of a 3-D modeled head, including eyes, nose, lips, mustache, clothing, and name, all by pointing and clicking the remote. After finishing the Mii, he’s got it running around with pretty accurate Mii versions of Iwata and Miyamoto.The second component of the Mii concept is transporting your Miis elsewhere, since they’re stored on your remote. Head to a friend’s house, play tennis with your controller, and you’ll see your Mii pop right up in the game.

    The Internet channel requires Opera, which takes Wii Points to purchase.

    The Photo channel is next. “For the first time ever, photo viewing is not a time-consuming thing.” Take SD Card out of your digital camera, insert into the front flap on Wii and “boom — you’re looking at digital photos.” The interface is smooth, fast and easy. He then shows off an iPhoto-like slideshow feature, complete with Ken Burns-style zooms and pans, and a movie playback mode, where you seem to be able to transfer home-brewed movies to the Wii, where you can then modify and view them in real-time.

    “We want consumers to come to rely on their Wii channels every day. Because then it’s a short hop from using the Wii remote to playing their first game.”

    The channels will come up immediately, with no lengthy boot-up process.

  9. Reggie talks up the free Wi-Fi internet(still requires an internet connection within the house): “When connected to the Internet, users have access to news and weather channels.” News is constantly updated via WiiConnect24. Also a Wii message board where users can send messages and photos to other Wii owners; or to PC owners or cell phone. You can also leave messages on a calendar-based note system.
  10. Reggie recaps. First, a revolutionary new way to play game. Second, the ability to time travel to the best of legacy content. Third, the biggest combined software launch in history. Fourth, the unique channel system acting as a “pied piper” for new gamers. And finally, a price point that says “mass market,” ready from day one.
  11. Some other Q&A are tackled:Will the system have its own internal memory for photos and such? Kaplan says it will have some capacity for internal memory, but “most” of the storage will indeed be through SD card.

    GameCube Zelda has been pushed back to December 11th. While there’s bound to be complaints, it’s probably the smartest move from a marketing standpoint. As for Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, that’s now a ’07 title, with Zelda, Excite Truck, and Wii Sports seeming to be Nintendo’s only first-party launch titles.

    Regarding widescreen TVs, “all first-party games and most (if not all) other Wii content will be capable of the 16:9 aspect ratio used by HDTVs, but will not be in high definition.”

    And finally, Pokemon Battle will be the first online title, with Japan getting that one at launch, and the US shortly after.

And that’s pretty much the sum of what’s been covered. More is bound to come throughout the day, but I’ll get to that stuff tonight.

LBD “Nytetrayn”

  • Shinkuu

    Wii price and date: MAJOR YAY
    Wii peripheral prices: MAJOR OUCH
    Link as Righty: NO, YOU CAN’T DO THAT… Well, making him ambidextrous should be fine, to accomodate left- and right-handed players. But still! Zelda fans are gonna go nuts.
    Pokemon at Japanese launch: HOLY @*(&#@(@(@!))

    I’ve stilled only skimmed a lot of stuff. Man, my brain is still fried from lack of sleep.

  • LBD Nytetrayn

    Personally, I think more Zelda fans would go nuts when they tried to figure out how to hold and use things. I mean, could you imagine swinging and moving and having Link act as if in a mirror? I mean, maybe that could be some workable concept in a later game, but for this, I don’t think it’d go over so hot.

    This was actually a concern of mine earlier on. It’s like when Red tried to play Metroid Prime 3 at E3, and was a little mixed up in how to go about holding things…

    LBD “Nytetrayn”

  • Maverick-jin8

    Price is fine, since it comes with a game. Date I don’t like, way too close to the PS3, and it’s even after the launch. Can’t see how that helps Nintendo.

    Metroid in 2007 is massive failure, as is Zelda TP GCN in December.

    Also pissed at the “One Color” deal. Especially when they were showing off Black for the longest time, and had Red/Yellow/Green/Etc in all those promo pics. I might not even get it at launch now, since the 1 unique launch game I wanted is now delayed, and you just KNOW in 2 months they’ll announce more colors, like with the DS Lite.

  • LBD Nytetrayn

    Date is interesting. I’ve heard a number of people argue that the more “casual” gamer, i.e. anyone who doesn’t go reading about this stuff on the net like we do, may not be as well informed. And it seems there are indeed people unaware of the price, so maybe Nintendo’s tactic is to let them suffer sticker shock(if they can even find one), and then see Nintendo rolling in as a lower-cost, different alternative.

    It’s not something I wouldn’t do.

    I want to say Metroid and Zelda are failures in those regards, but truthfully, my wallet is weeping joy right now. This will make the launch easier for me, truth be told. As for Zelda, at least now choosing has less pressure, even if the same issues remain.

    As for colors, it’s always been tentative. Fortunately, I’ve never been too concerned about console color… it just never felt like it mattered as much as a controller or portable system, since it sort of sits back… feels more like a novelty.

    Hard to say why, too; so far, Japan(unlike DS Lite) doesn’t seem to have another color coming out, either. I’d say they may be just focusing on a uniform product to meet the early crunch Christmas rush numbers, and then later get those who weren’t early adoptors.

    Besides, Nintendo’s best consoles have always been white… ish.

    LBD “Nytetrayn”

  • egg

    Damn, whatever happened to $170? :o

  • LBD Nytetrayn

    That’s why I rarely report rumors. ;P

    LBD “Nytetrayn”

  • Shinkuu

    I’m not saying making Link right-handed or whatever is a bad thing. Just semi-joking that some hardcore Zelda fans are not gonna like this messing with their canon! But still… I mean, it DOES make more sense that, when you slash with your right hand, Link slashes with his right hand. Still, it wouldn’t have been that bad if you slash with your right hand and Link slashes with his left. unless aiming is involved, a slash is a slash. We’ve gotten so used to the control scheme, for YEARS, where the real action of pressing a button is mapped to any number of in-game actions.

    I mean, I’m mostly play devil’s advocate here, mind you… Having Link’s handedness match your own would be pretty cool. I never intended this issue to be taken that seriously!

    As for the Wii’s release date… I don’t understand why so many people are concerned it’s coming out after the PS3’s launch. First of all, I am STILL not even sure they will make that date. But I seem to be in the minority, so let’s assume it does… Who is actually going to be able to get their hands on one? Not bloody many. Imagine someone who’s saved up $700, to buy a PS3, a single game, and have enough to cover taxes. He hopes to get a PS3 on launch and predictably fails. Two days later, there’s the Wii… for which you can buy the system, several controllers, AND several games for that same $700. Not saying this is the only or most likely scenario, but it’s a possibility…

    I think the most likely explanation is Nintendo is just strutting its “I don’t care about the competition” attitude. Launch same time as PS3? No problem. Launch two days later, in fact? Big deal. We’ll still sell, and we’ll make money, and people will be having fun. ‘Nuff said.

  • LBD Nytetrayn

    Oh, I’m not taking it seriously. Like you, though, I’m sure there are those that will.

    I think Nintendo figures Sony is going to have a generally hard time competing, so…

    And, as you said(popular consensus, it seems), a lot of disappointed PS3 would-be buyers might give Wii a more serious look after…

    LBD “Nytetrayn”