Toastyfrog doesn’t like Alex Kidd. Me, I think he needs some slight reinvention. Sort of like Kid Icarus, but not.

This piece does bring up an interesting point, though. A lot of the blame heaped on Nintendo from back in the day is because they contractually kept third-party games exclusive to their console for a 2-year period.

And yet, console exclusives run rampant today, even when it seems clear that more money would be made if a title weren’t exclusive.

So I guess the question then might be, why didn’t anyone make exclusives for SEGA? I imagine a logical excuse would be because so few owned a Master System, so it’s kind of a vicious cycle. In theory, a killer third-party app might move more Master Systems.

I guess that they figured, “why put it on SMS if it’d do much better on the NES?”

I imagine that the fact SEGA was lacking in first-party software as well might be a contributing factor, while Nintendo was knocking them out of the park with the likes of Mario, Zelda, and Metroid.

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