So, there’s this movie, Superman Returns that’s coming out soon.

Don’t you just love it when I start a topic off like that?


Well, who asked you?!

Anyway, this thing had been kicked around forever, getting different names, scripts, treatments, producers, the whole nine yards. The difference between Duke Nukem Forever and this is that this is actually coming out.

Well, at one point, there was this one guy who got to work a little on the movie, goes by the name of Kevin Smith. Might’ve heard of him, he did some thing called Clerks you may or may not have seen, but should have. That, Mallrats, and more.

That last one is where it kind of gets relevant. See, Warner Bros. actually talked to him about it based on a bit in Mallrats. The part about the Kryptonite condom.

So there’s your in to Hollywood writing, folks. Make a joke about Superman’s Superdickery, so to speak, and boom! You’re an expert.

Well, anyway, this has all been an elaborate lead-in to this. From An Evening With Kevin Smith, The Man discusses his experiences and dealings in working on the movie. Funny stuff.

In another segment, he discusses an incident with Tim Burton. You know, Batman, Charle and the Chocolate Factory, and more.

As for the Superman Lives script? I hear it can be found here.

LBD “Nytetrayn”