So, now The Wizard is coming out on DVD. Hope the retail for it is decent.

Be nice if it came with a bonus of that mini “Pocket Power” magazine they gave out in theaters when it came out. Nostalgia at its finest.

I remember wanting my parents to take me to see that movie SO damn bad, but just like TransFormers, they were firm in their “no” stance. Can’t say I was pleased. So while the world got to see Super Mario 3 debut on a huge fucking screen ON a huge fucking screen, I was left at home with my Nintendo Powers and other assorted print mediums.

If memory serves, the impact of finally seeing it was significantly dulled by the time it had finally come to video, and I’d already beaten the game backwards, forwards, and sideways.

Reminds me of when TransFormers’ season 3 started and I had no fucking idea what was going on. Sigh.

“…what do you MEAN, “Optimus is dead?!”

The most ironic part is that today, you’d never know my parents to be the kind to refuse the notion of going to the movies.

Meanwhile, I’m still trying to find my glitched copy of Street Fighter so I can swap that out, and no luck finding Super Mario Bros. And I need to see Double Dragon. It’s a movie I’ve kept away from because the ending chased me off, it was so bad(I caught it before Monday Night Raw on USA years ago, you see), but now curiousity overwhelms me. Somewhat.

Ought to get Mortal Kombat. Don’t know about Annihilation unless it’s either bargain bin cheap, or something happens with that third movie. MK:A sucked outright, especially compared to the first, but it had a decent fight scene or two.

Incidently, it’d be neat if they ever put Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm or MK: Conquest on DVD.

May consider Tomb Raider some day. I thought the first one was alright, haven’t seen the sequel, though I’ve heard nothing but bad. Never really hated Lara Croft, though the popularity of her ass-ugly PS1 model always mystified me. Don’t think it did much to show how lonely a breed so many gamers were back then, either.

“Man, you find THAT attractive? Her eyes aren’t event the same size, just how long have you been out of society, anyway?”

Oh well.

Not touching anything by Uwe Boll unless I find ‘em .99 cents a pop. Maybe I’ll put them aside then for something to laugh at once I reach retirement age.

I’ve heard really, really mixed things about the Resident Evil movies. I’ve always thought the games were sort of cool in a way, but never got into the gameplay. Still need to try 4. But as I hear it, it’s kind of irrelevant to the movies, anyway. So maybe they’re mildly fun in their own right, but as adaptations of the games, as usual, forget it.

I’ve become accepting of liberties taken in film from other mediums. Look at comic book movies. The X-Men never wore black leather as a team until after the movies, and by God, Blade was IMPROVED from the comics, IMO. Alt-universe stuff, all it can be anyway. Sort of a different take on a story, it’s nothing new, no matter what it’s based on. Granted, I imagine there’s still more they can do to keep it true to the source material while still branching off, but all the same…

Doom, I’ve heard mixed stuff about. Guess I should see it at least once. I can decide if it’s worth buying at a cutrate price after, I suppose.

Am I missing anything? Besides notFinal Fantasy: The Spirits Within?

LBD “Nytetrayn”