Going through Hard mode with X, I’ve noticed a few flaws in the game. Whether they were put/left there deliberately or not, who can say.

One is wonky item physics. I destroyed some enemies for a much-needed energy capsule on a conveyor belt, and as it went up part of a slanted one and I followed to get it, it falls right through. On top of that, power-ups don’t stick around if they go offscreen even the slightest, so my attempt to give chase was futile, and got me killed.

A minor setback, and in fact it was more annoying in principle than anything, since that started me there with a fresh life and my special weapons are refilled after each death, so I actually came out ahead.

But it also reminds me of another bothersome point: Ninja Gaiden-esque enemy respawning. I’ve literally jumped to attack one enemy on the edge of a platform above me which I needed to get to, to land on another enemy I’d just destroyed. A regular jump, nothing too fancy. And I had several of those spiked wheels come at me one after the other, I guess because of where the camera was, as I was attempting to destroy some stationary cannons.

It’s nothing too bad, fortunately, though it can be a little tedious and annoying. What worries me is if they don’t fix it, how it might affect gameplay in later installments where I don’t have the Storm Tornado to wipe out waves of enemies at once.

LBD “Nytetrayn”