Just got Mega Man X8, and played a little of it. Won’t say how much, but let’s just say I’m not very far, so no spoilers, plzkthxbye.

But, my thoughts:

1) Voices of X, Zero, and Axl are better acted than in Command Mission, despite being the same guys. But as I figured would be true, practice makes perfect. Sometimes a VA has to slip into the role before they get good at it, unless they’re using the same voice they use everywhere(see Chalk, Garry and McNeil, Scott, among others). Red says Signas is GI Joe. Alia sounds ok to me, though not as young as she did in X6 and X7, but Red has issues there. Damn near fell over at Palette, who sounds like Cinnamon.

And Vile… his voice is irony, but a good kind. It’s not the old cartoon voice(a million damns), but it’s not bad. The irony in it is, I can see it fitting a LOT of fanfic interpretations of Vile, much in the same way that Zero’s seems to fit many fan perceptions of that character, as well as X. Wonder what he’ll sound like in the Japanese one, however…

2) Gameplay is solid, but Zero’s dash is… odd. He does more of a standing shoulder ram now, rather than the classic style dash. Which is funny, because about 100 years from now, he’s doin’ it oldskool through Giga City. And whenever the fuck MMZ is, oldschool again.

X is classic Mega Man, with an arguably slower charge time(sometimes it seemed normal, sometimes slower), and an air-dash.

The damned Double-Attack has given me trouble, but I think I know what’s gone wrong. Want to practice some more, but can’t seem to re-access the opening stage. Reeve says it’s right in the middle of the stage selection grid, but it just skips to the opposite side when I try.

Incidently, one small flaw in the weapons shop. Normally in a game, the text of the items you can purchase is what’s in color, while the other stuff you can’t afford yet is in a muted grey. Not here. Here, the stuff you can’t get is in the more distinguished blue, while the stuff you can looks like it’s not active. Weird.

3) M’boy Axl and I are getting along quite well, thank you. He says what everyone’s thinking, I’m sure, at least so far, with a nice rib towards X, as well as Zero. He feels a lot more solid and distinct than he did in X7; his hover is more naturally activated, and he can fire in every direction. Firing in the air gives him pause, and he won’t even slide if you’re shooting. Very handy. Still gotta give that DNA Change a shot, though.
I think I figured out Signas. Seems the VA took a cue from the Peter Cullen School of Leadership Voice Acting. He seems to have some sort of Clint Eastwood/John Wayne thing going for him.

“Well lemme tell ya’, Pilgrim, that was a real fine job ya’ did there, trouncin’ those Mavericks. Y’made it look real easy…”

Ok, not THAT extreme, but it’s sorta there. Combined with his dialogue… well, I like it. It’s more in a way that I liked Zero’s X7 voice, in that it makes me laugh, but without seeming rediculously out of character. Just mildly.

The vehicles, I could do without, but the rest make up for it. They’re not really an asset to the game, but so far, they aren’t a serious detraction. Gigabolt’s runs a bit sluggishly for my liking.

Then again, could have been Squid Adler part 2.

Pallette has earned my respect. She did what she said she’d do, and has become my #2 choice when going through a stage to gain everything.

CPS3 is doing stuff I like, stuff Inafune/CPS2 didn’t do, and stuff that is innovative, but not alien. One example is using a part of the stage to beat a Mechaniloid. Not to give it away or anything, but that surprised the hell out of me, and made me realize, “Shit, that’s different!”

And I liked it.

Something else different from Inafune’s time on the series is something so small, something I love here, and something I don’t think is too spoilerish for me to say…


It’s true! The Mettaurs have these little mechs they ride around in during this one stage… it’s so awesome in such a simple pleasure sort of way… I love it!

Overall, the only thing that really sort of puzzles me is the design change, specifically for Zero. Even his dash is different. Which wouldn’t bother me, except it changes back to the old in Command Mission. Just so… odd. Especially given both were by the same team; this isn’t like the giving Zero shoulder armor incident in the arcade games(granted, I don’t know if it was a different team there, but I thought it was).

Oh well, it’s not a huge issue.

Btw, I don’t think X charges up slower this time… fact of the matter is, he now starts with FOUR levels of charge: standard, 2nd level, 3rd level, and the one-time capsule-only 4th level, all to start. With that in mind, it’s about the same.

Neutral Armor is neat. And Dr. Light’s voice is terrific. It’s not the old one, but it sort of evokes the same kind of feeling to me, but in a less dense, “oh, that’s nice” sort of way. Ever notice how he’d say “yes” after something Mega Man or Roll said in the toon? It always sounded like he was almost dismissing them to me, like “yes, I reached that conclusion a long time ago, I was wondering when you two computerbrains would catch up.” Only thing that ever really bugged me about that one.

As usual, the cycle stage essentially ruins what was an otherwise fun game.


Do they have something against providing a fully-enjoyable experience?

I mean, it’s not like anyone’s ever really LIKED a MMX cycle stage, right?

So why keep doing it?

This is one spot where I firmly believe the “regenerate where you died” rule should be applied.

Incidently, I remember X5 and X6 had this neat thing where, if you met certain criteria, you didn’t have to go through every stage. X7, dunno, never got to play through it. Does X8 have that feature?

And incidently, GameFAQs is useless on this part…

Just got an “Intermission.” Lousy name, really. Sort of like hearing “Character Change.” Sort of removes the sense of immersion.

Anyway, it’s at Noah’s Park again, fighting crab robots, those spiked wheel things, and a big claw.

Just HOW FUCKING LONG do you have to do that for? And if you choose NOT to do it, do you get any other opportunities? Is there any real benefit to doing it, besides a nice little fuckload of Metals? Inquiring minds want to know.

LBD “Nytetrayn”