I’ve just gone through part of Elysium in Mega Man Legends 2. For the first time, actually, save for a few “feeling out” trips before.

“What, you STILL haven’t finished that?!” is what you’re probably saying.

Yes, it’s true, but I’ve decided it’s high time I went ahead and finished it off. Don’t know why it’s taken me so long. I suspect maybe it has something to do with prolonging the experience in lieu of a new game being announced.

But, nothing lasts forever, and I’ve decided I want to see the end, lest I be spoiled elsewheres.

Anyway, since I know some people who may not have finished it and might not want spoilers, here’s an LJ Cut for you, as I discuss just a few thoughts encountered going through the end of the game…

First off, I’ve heard there’s some way involving rubber bands, the vacuum attachment, and a section of Elysium that allows you to get unlimited Zenny as you leave the PS on while you go off and masturbate to Tron or whatever. Anyone care to share it with me? I heard it involved some sort of fire-based Reaverbots hitting you and exploding, leaving Zenny, and the Fire protection is supposed to prevent you from taking damage. Well, I’ve got the fire deal, but I haven’t seen this enemy. I’ve seen some of those funky ones on fire, but they knock the crap out of me, life energy included, when they make contact. Those can’t be the ones, can they? I want money to power up my Shining Laser and buy lots of other stuff.

Second, I’ve discovered what the Master is master of… capitalism! Or maybe even communism. In any case, he seems to have the best fucking house and property of the entire fucking lot. Well, size-wise, anyway. And his has working doors, too. Pity he doesn’t have a damn thing inside to show for it except a damn elevator and a busted monitor. Where’s the bed? The kitchen? The bathroom? Does he squat behind one of the broken portals outside when he has to go? I mean, c’mon, even the fucking Flutter has all this stuff.

Third, I hate to say it, but I think that MatilYuna is a MILF. Maybe. Let’s see, anime mothers I know of…

Sailor Moon’s mother: Meh.

Sailor Moon’s mother from the distant past: Also meh.

Lan’s mother: Meh again, though she looks better in BN4.

Chichi, Son Gohan’s mother: No fucking way.

Videl, Pan’s mother: Ok, she’s good.

Ok, so I’ve never been much into the MILF mentality, but I think that MatilYuna is above the rest on this list, save for Videl.

Fourth, fucking Rainbow Devil Jr.(or Devil 2000) is starting to piss me off, I only died twice through Elysium so far, both times at its fucking hands. It’s the damn blue fire… I thought I was protected from fire? Guess ’cause it’s blue, it’s special. Color coordination be damned, it’ll be the death of me yet. Guess that makes it lucky that Nytetrayn wears black… never heard of black fire.

In any case, I tried jumping for those platforms that appeared, and made it, too. Unfortunately, trying to get higher up wound up putting me back down into the oven. Shit. That’s when I’d decided I’d done enough, and came in here to write this.

Fifth. Thought for the day: if a Reaverbot(a robot, natch) attacks a carbon, is that a violation of the first rule of robotics?

Sixth, I notice that I’m getting a ton of Buster upgrades on Moon Base 1 here. Is there a way to be able to equip more than two in this one?

Seventh. Just like in the Legends RPG I play in, I was attacked by a giant Reaverbot frog. Just like in the RPG, I made short work of it as it lay helpless on its back. Unlike the RPG, no giant erect penises were protruding from said frog’s underside. Sorry Mags.

Eighth, latest thing that seems to be sparking a sort of “hey, that makes sense, but is it really true?” debate is that the Japanese name of the game, Rockman DASH, is actually an acronym based on a sort of prefix title for the game, said as “Digouters(Diggers) Adventure Story in Halcyon days.” I think [info]lizsama even named a forum that once, but I never knew the significance. Speaking with Auto and [info]anotherdelta about it, they said it makes sense, and it never occured to them before(while at least two others have claimed to have known this all along, including the person who first brought it up), though we all agree that “days” sort of throws it off a little bit, but then, I think we’ve all seen worse acronyms; I know I have. Anyone with definitive answers, please apply within. It could be just a coincidence, but you have to admit, that’d be a HELL of a coincidence.

Ninth, speaking of Halcyon days… that sounds just a little odd. Seems I’ve heard “Halcyon Era” somewhere as well, though maybe I just made that up for my line of fics. I can’t remember, and I’m reluctant to change it because, as Delta said, it just sounds a bit fruity as “days.”

And to wrap up, a few ideas I’ve got running around my head for a possible, perhaps even inevitable(as Inafune would like to return to it as soon as Capcom quits forcibly extracting the sperm to birth more BN games from his weakened genitals) Mega Man Legends 3:

1) Dual player characters. Maybe not unlike Sonic Adventure, or SA2, depending on where the Bonnes go from here(if they remain villains or not). One mode for Gustaff play, the other for MegaMan play. Failing that, then at least give us…

1b) Misadventures of Roll & Tron. Or “Tron & Roll” if you prefer, though the former rolls(no pun intended) off the tongue a little better.(plus “Roll & Tron” just begs for odd jokes about top billing, as we know Tron wouldn’t like playing second fiddle).

Anyway, this would be a sort of spiritual sequel of sorts to the much beloved Misadventures of Tron Bonne. Takes place between Legends 2 and 3, and sees the two forced to work together towards their goal, which I’m sure you know what that is by now(it’s been spoiled for me long ago, though I don’t know the full L2 ending). I think in addition to the already-creative gameplay the original title produced, the duality of having Roll and the good guys involved as well could add more to the title.

2) Reaverbot characterization. Maybe some voices, not neccessarily talking. But some distinct buzzes, roars, etc. And in addition to that, taking a cue from Metroid Prime, you could “log” the data on different types of Reaverbots, giving them more dimension. Reading data on enemies is usually enlightening, making them seem like more than mere cannon fodder, I find. And geeks like me love useless data like that.

Plus, it could be integrated into the game, as well. I imagine a museum or Digger’s Association might be interested in data based on the various Reaverbots out there. And given MegaMan’s past, he seems like the perfect guy to collect such data, including names. For kicks, they could include hidden data based on the old bosses and Reaverbots as well, if they can’t fit them all in here. Get all the data, or better yet, at different increments along the way to getting all the data, you can pick up Zenny, the odd useful item, and maybe get a good prize at the end.

4) Easter eggs are fun. The X-Buster and Zetsaber in MML1 was neat, but… I dunno, they didn’t seem to have quite the impact I’d have liked; both were toys, IIRC. But imagine if you were able to find the actual saber of the legendary hero, Mega Man Zero? Instead of those sort of weak attacks from the saber-arm Roll makes, be pulling out the combos and stuff. That’d be neat, though I’m not sure how well something like that would go over unless:

a) it were a part of the story somehow. Might upset the “Zero does too much already” crowd, or

b) Make it a connectivity bonus if you hook a MMZ game to Legends 3(say, if they were smart and made it a cross-system deal), not unlike BN4 and Zero 3.

Anyway, it’s just a thought. Maybe connect a BN game to get use of some sort of in-game PET-shaped device? I’m thinking sorta like that Tingle map deal from Zelda, but that didn’t go over too well, did it?

5) MegaMan Trigger. I’d like to see MegaMan as he originally was, at full power. All abilities intact. Maybe a chargable Buster? And perhaps among those abilities could be…

6) Style/Form Changes. Rather than the annoying way of earning them in MMZ or the sheer randomness of the BN games, these would be a bit more regular. Think about it, though, Magma Style MegaMan for some ruins located in volcanic areas, maybe invinvible to otherwise fatal lava attacks. Aqua Style Mega Man can go underwater without any hindrances. And so forth. Well, sorta; those are the only two I can think of with practical applications right offhand.

7) Multi-weapon usage. Well, sort of. There seem to be two main types of attachments MegaMan gets, those are weapons(guns, bombs, nuclear doorbells), and non-weapons(shields, vacuum cleaners, fire extinguishers, etc.). I think being able to equip one of each and switch between the two would be a good change. Taking the vacuum with you anywhere tends to leave you a bit prone, but the vacuum AND the rocket launcher…

It’d be a good excuse to come up with more non-weapon based equipment, too. Let’s face it, unless we’re out to collect Zenny, we never equip anything but big guns, right? Why is that? Because if our damn Buster isn’t good enough, whatever we have on the right arm usually is. We like to blow shit up. So usually, the other stuff gets overlooked. This counterbalances what is otherwise a waste of time and development on the part of the development team.

Mega Man(the original) and X could carry 8 extra weapons, sometimes more. Zero could carry four, and usually have a few different ways to use his. We won’t even talk about Mega Man.EXE and his fucking chips folder. Why is our boy from the extremely far future getting boned?

Hell, even Link can carry enough equipment for himself as a kid AND an adult, and he doesn’t even have a backpack like Voulnut does.

8) And finally, just thought of this one, but for the hell of it… it sorta borrows from the RPG a bit, but… maybe a hidden “bonus” boss, not required. Have some really, really old Reploid be dug up and somehow reactivated. Be nice to see how those old-timers hold up against the far-flung future’s stuff. Personally, I figure the Reploid in question would be astoundingly strong, hence his “bonus” status, not unlike that guy in Super Mario RPG… Kulix? Whatever. It’d just be nice to get a feel for how things are in the Halcyon era vs. the time of the Maverick wars.

LBD “Nytetrayn”