All About PMO

About PoisonMushroom.Org

Originally developed to be a site for the aggregation of video game and other geeky-fun news couples with commentary, PoisonMushroom.Org (or PMO, as it is affectionately called for short) is now more of a blog site for posting articles, opinions, reviews, and other more elaborate thoughts. Topics range from video games to comic books, cartoons, fast food culture, wrestling, retro pop culture, and whatever else is fun to write about.

That is, when the author (see below) isn’t preoccupied with writing for other sites, publications, and the like, though many of those articles are also linked here.

The latest iteration of the site is designed by Tabby Ramsey and developed by Travis Tubbs, and built upon development by Alan Lalonde. The Mario Bros. PayPal button was created to spec by Emerald, and the “Twitter Kitty” pic came from GamePro, via Kat Bailey.

About the Author

David Oxford, or “LBD ‘Nytetrayn’,” as he is sometimes also known, is a freelance writer who resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In addition to running and writing for the Nyteworks Network of sites, he has written for the following:

2014 – 2015: WhatCulture – Contributor

2014: Relevant Games – Mock Reviewer, Fat Chicken

2013 – Present: USgamer – Contributor, Transcriber

2013 – 2014: Android Shock – Reviewer

2013 – Present: – Contributor

2013: HonestGamers – Reviewer

2012 – Present: Nintendo Force magazine – Writer, Reviewer

  • Writer for comic serial “Super Mario Bros. in Neo Bowser City”

2012 – 2013: – Contributor

2011 – 2012: Nintendo Power magazine – Reviewer

2012 – Present: Gamezebo – Reviewer

2011 – Present: Slide to Play – Reviewer

2011: Archie Comics – Writer for Mega Man blog

2010 – 2012: – Writer/Reviewer for Toronto Video Game Examiner and Canada Nintendo Examiner

2010 – 2012: RipTen – Writer/Reviewer

2010 – 2011: UDON Entertainment – Writer/Researcher for book Mega Man – Robot Master Field Guide

2007 – 2010: Advanced Media Network/Kombo – Senior News Editor, Features and Review Writer

2005:Jazwares – Copywriter for website’s Mega Man and Street Fighter character biographies

2004:Artbox Entertainment – Copywriter/Fact Checker for Mega Man trading card series