Because once is never enough (and because he couldn’t find anyone better to sit in), fellow former Nintendo Power writer Chris Hoffman had me back on the Power Pros podcast this week.

For this edition, we put our wrestling gear aside and got up-close and personal — or rather, we remained long-distance and kinda-sorta personal through the power of Nintendo’s initial foray into the world of mobile apps, Miitomo! Is it a social network? Is it a game? Or is it some unholy union of the two, brought about by sprinkling the blood of Facebook and Twitter atop the ashes of Club Nintendo?

Probably some cross between the three, truthfully.

We also talk about the new My Nintendo program that has risen in the place of the aforementioned beloved Club, discuss Chris’s thoughts on Hyrule Warriors Legends as coupled with my own concerns, scrutinize the newly-debuted Ace Attorney anime, and ponder “will anyone miss Nintendo DSiWare?”

All this and more in the latest edition of the Power Pros podcast! Find it here, or search for it on iTunes!

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