First, a quick update on me and the site. I’ve had quite a bit of work going on as of late, so I haven’t been able to keep PMO up as much. Hopefully I’ll be back in full-swing here soon — next week is the aim, if not sooner — but I am managing a bit of content over on Mario’s Hat and The Mega Man Network, if you’d like to check either of those out (just hit the sidebar).

In the meantime, to accompany that quickie update, here’s some recent news that popped right into my Inbox: Garfield is now at Burger King!

A new set of Burger King Kids Meal — er, King Jr. Meal toys are now available. They aren’t shown on the website for some reason, but fortunately, the e-mail I received shows off all six toys as follows:


I’m hopeful to collect all six, but if I had to single just one of these out for collecting, it would have to be Food Flingin’ Garfield by virtue of the Burger King logo on his apron. I just love brand synergy like that.

And with this, it looks like my favorite fat cartoon cat has followed in the footsteps of Mario by completing the trifecta of appearing in all of the “Big Three” U.S./Canada fast food chains’ kids meals at some time or another. His most legendary connection comes from his appearances at McDonald’s, whether through glass mugs (I’ve got all four with some spares), Christmas plush toys, and of course, the Happy Meal toys themselves. (If there’s any interest, maybe I’ll write something about them as I did for Super Mario Bros. 3.)

In the early aughts, Garfield also showed up in Wendy’s Kids Meal a couple of times:

In addition to his regular appearance above, there was at least one other Wendy’s Kids Meal to promote Garfield: The Movie. I still have the plush magnet on our fridge, and some of the promo clings from the windows around here somewhere.

So, there you have it. I may be the only one who cares any more (doubtful; you don’t sustain an enterprise like this without having your fans), but it’s always good to see Garfield in a fast food kids meal.

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  • RoboFist’s Revenge

    Damn, I hate when fast food joints have nostalgic Happy Meal toys, and I have to sit in my car alone and sheepishly order a kid’s meal because my 90s-lovin’ brain can’t bear the thought of living without a digital watch telling me exactly when it’s “eatin’ time”…

    • LBD “Nytetrayn”

      Yeah, the watch is pretty cool. I don’t think much of it, though. Aside from a Happy Meal making a nice little snack in itself (it’s practically a value menu meal with a bonus), there are enough grown collectors and people getting stuff for their kids, nieces, nephews (I do that for stuff I don’t want), etc. that I don’t believe people think too much of it any more.

      Anyone who does automatically go straight to “aren’t you too old to be playing with toys?” is really just being extremely narrow-minded and not looking at the big picture, anyway. =)