So, this is a thing that just happened the other day:

In case you were wondering, yes, that is really Christopher Sabat, Colleen Carroll Clinkenbeard, and Sonny Strait reprising their roles here. In fact, the latter has been particularly eager to talk about the whole thing in the comments on YouTube (truncated for length):


But why now? Dragon Ball Z‘s whole Namek/Frieza Saga was so long ago, right?


Some didn’t take the fact that this exists (despite many, many similar things like it in Japan), but Strait gives how he sees the whole thing, and even has a good sense of humor when some people just get rude:


In addition, Strait gave assurance on his Facebook page that this all went through the proper channels. Now we just need to sit back and see if we’ll see Sailor Moon pitching Olive Garden or Light Yagami as a spokesperson for Lay’s.

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