Bonus post!

You might remember a few days ago when I revealed Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse as the #8 entry on my Halloween Spooky Game Countdown and mentioned that changes had been made for its western release. Now I’m kind of wishing I’d been able to hold off on that post to include the following video, as Joe Drilling of On The Stick has covered that precise subject in the latest installment of “Same Name, Different Game.”

If I have to be honest, while I do enjoy Castlevania III quite a bit, this stuff drives me absolutely nuts every time I hear about it, because the Japanese version just seems better, and not just for the graphics and sound. More’s the shame that Konami never got into the compilations game, or ever found some way to release that version here. Strange that a company so clearly in it just for the money (sure, that’s what companies are about, but there’s a certain Scrooge McDuck vibe going on here, minus the admirable traits) would not join in on a sure way to get more of it.

Anyway, I could probably talk a red streak (because blood, get it?) about this whole matter, but it is what it is. Instead, let me just bring up that On The Stick is participating in Extra Life this year, and you can — in theory, at least, as the link is not working for me at the moment — find out how to donate here.

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