So, it’s 2015 and very nearly the date that Marty and Doc arrive from 1985 into what was then a future Hill Valley. I wanted two of the companies involved in that future scenario to take advantage of what is basically a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but didn’t seem to gain any real traction.

While Pizza Hut seems to be sitting this one out, at least Pepsi has decided to take advantage… kind of.

The good news: Pepsi is releasing Pepsi Perfect! …sort of.

That is, they’re releasing Pepsi Perfect bottles; rather than the vitamin-infused soft drink of the future, they’ve balked at even attempting anything like that and are simply selling regular Pepsi (but with real sugar, should you opt to drink it) in the stylized Pepsi Perfect bottles. So while it’s not $50 a pop as in the movie, it’s instead going for the low, low (but not that low) price of $20.15.

Still, worth it to own what’s sort of a piece of pop culture history, or something like that, right?

Well, there’s a further catch: you have to order it online from an as-yet undisclosed website at an as-yet undisclosed date that will all be revealed closer to the 21st of the month, when Marty is “due to arrive.”

Oh, and there are only 6,500 made. And I haven’t heard back if Canada is in any way, shape, or form eligible to get this.

However, if you’re going to the New York Comic Con this week and you’re dressed as Marty (they apparently have criteria for this), 1,500 of the bottles will be given away to such cosplayers to “complete their outfit.”

So me? I’m torn on this. Back to the Future, as a whole (I can’t imagine any one film without the other two), is my favorite movie of all time. (I wanted to cosplay as 2015 Marty for the entire year, just for fun, but no one seemed interested in the idea at all, so I dropped the notion due to a combination of that and lack of funds at the time. I still regret not pursuing it in spite of this.)

I might have been able to arrange something for NYCC if I’d had any inkling that this was happening sooner than the same week (same goes for that damn KFC comic from DC), so I completely lose out there.

And in such limited numbers? Without even knowing if I can order from Canada? I don’t like my odds of this at all, and this disappoints me greatly. In addition to Back to the Future, I also love odd fast food and soda-branded collectibles (remember, I have a 13+ hour DVD of Arby’s meats roasting if you need proof), so this is right up my alley. But the abruptness/spontaneity of this whole thing means the only way I’m likely to get one is probably going to be on the aftermarket, and I can’t imagine the prices doing anything but soaring fast enough to leave a trail of flames after three sonic booms.

So… yay? It’s happening, and I’m happy for that, but I feel like they could have done more in so many different ways with this.

(If this post looks familiar, I originally posted it on The Allspark before I got into this more-frequent posting thing. I was originally rewriting it, but just found myself happier with the original.)