As I’ve previously discussed on this site, one thing that disappoints me is how McDonald’s has phased out so much of the fun atmosphere that I remember when going to their establishments as a kid. The McDonald Land gang was certainly a big part of that, but there was just an overall feeling that made a trip there special that no one else could match, no matter what they stuffed in their kids meals or how big their playground might have been (though that last part could certainly help).

At least one location apparently hasn’t forgotten, however. In fact, if anything, I’d say they’ve doubled down (no relation to KFC’s use of the term), and are possibly even upping the ante.

Join Adam the Woo of The Daily Woo and Justin Scarred of Live Fast Die Poor as they take you inside (and out) of what is arguably the world’s largest and most unique McDonald’s location:

I’d love to visit this place. From the odd menu offerings to the upstairs arcade to the big vintage Mac Tonight setup, it feels like this place embraces the history of the business while taking that feeling I mentioned before and blowing it up to enormous proportions.

I always kind of felt like McDonald’s was the sort of “Chuck E. Cheese for occasions that don’t warrant Chuck E. Cheese,” but this place looks like it blows the Five Nights at Freddy’s inspiration clear out of the water. Can you imagine being a kid and having your birthday party here? I had a couple of birthdays at McDonald’s when I was a kid, and those were awesome (and I still have the inflatable Ronald they gave me at one). A regular visit at this location would be awe-inspiring; having a party here must be mind-blowing.