The opportunity to write for Nintendo Power magazine was one of the best experiences of my life. Sadly, it was all too brief, and as you might imagine, I was greatly disappointed when the magazine I’d followed for what felt like my entire life and eventually started with finally shut its doors in December 2012.

Just before that came to pass, however, I was approached with an opportunity I couldn’t pass up: To continue what I was doing and more in a spiritual successor to Nintendo Power called NF Magazine.

Our first issue hit in January 2013, and we’ve been going strong ever since. We’ve entered our third year now, and as we did last year, have turned to Kickstarter as a means of garnering subscriptions, as explained by Editor-in-Chief Lucas M. Thomas:

As of this writing, there is currently one week and counting left to join the Kickstarter for subscriptions. We’ve already reached our goal and gone into stretch goals, which have allowed us to include posters with certain issues (as I write this, we’re just 70 subscribers short of getting fold-out posters for all issues of this year), as well as other bonuses such as Player’s Poll contests.

There are numerous tiers you can join up with, including a two-issue trial tier for $10, as well as numerous print and digital options. Other tiers allow you to help contribute to the magazine in various ways, such as the $75 or more “Don’t Anger The Ox” tier, in which you get to submit a letter for me to answer in a special sidebar of the Inbox section of the magazine. As of this writing, four of the six slots have been taken, so there’s still time to claim one of the remaining two! Further tiers allow you to contribute other content as well, including comics!

For all the details (and to sign up, of course), visit our Kickstarter page, where you can see what we produced last year, find out why we’ve gone with Kickstarter, and see who comprises our all-star team of Nintendo-loving video game writers!

If you’re still unsure, feel free to check out our one-week sale in the website store, where three select issues are now $5.00 each in the U.S. for physical copies, or 50 cents each for digital! Just don’t wait too long– the sale and the Kickstarter both end on the night of Mario Day: Tuesday, March 10th (Mar. 10 = Mar10 = Mario) at 10pm Eastern time.