udonakumadanIt’s a new year and a new episode of the Power Button podcast– a new one with me, that is. Matt and Blake have been doing their own thing without me, of course, and if you haven’t been following their zany exploits (And why wouldn’t you? You can’t just be tuning in for me, now can you? Of course not.), you can still catch up by clicking on this link.

But as of this writing, if you click now, the most recent one you’re going to see does include me, and that’s the one I’m drawing your attention to this week. The whole lovely lot of us had the opportunity to sit down (so to speak) with Matt Moylan, Managing Editor at the Toronto-based house of art for many a video game franchise, UDON Entertainment. We talk about the many various projects going on there, from comic books to art books to art for video games themselves, ranging from Capcom’s stable of heavy-hitters to Bandai Namco’s now-defunct line of ShiftyLook webcomics, cartoons, and games such as Bravoman (which Moylan wrote) and Wonder Momo.

As an added bonus, seeing as Moylan once worked at Dreamwave Productions, a defunct comic book company that was also from Toronto, we talk about some of the goings-on there involving their own Capcom output and more. All the while, Matt Green knows the score and pushes for a printed page revival of Bionic Commando, calling upon his legion of listeners to go to bat for Rad Spencer and friends.

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Lastly, if you’re curious about the unused Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix intro we talked about in the first half-hour, you can see it right here: