supermetroidboxOnce more, the Power Button podcast crew of Matthew Green and Blake Grundman saw fit to have me sit among their ranks as the subject of the week turned to everyone’s favorite way to revitalize a flagging franchise: Reboots!

The three of us had quite a few ideas for games we’d like to see rebooted, and in some cases, just how we’d like to see them rebooted as well. The list is vast and varied, running the gamut of Mega Man (not suggested by me, believe it or not) to Donkey Kong to Ice Climber to Metroid to Battletoads, and even to Bubsy. Plus, at the top of the whole thing, we talked about the recent Sonic Boom and how that’s not a reboot, per se, and just why a reboot wouldn’t work for the Blue Blur anyway.

As always, you can get the episode from Stitcher, nab it on iTunes, go with the RSS feed with the podcast aggregation software of your choosing, or you can just download it or listen to it on the Press The Buttons website itself. The Power (Button) of choice is in your hands!

Oh, and for those wondering? We’ll be talking more video game comics with some special guests real soon. That’s right– they had me back for more! So please, give it a listen, and feel free to leave comments! Heck, there’s even a hotline at (720) 722-2781 if you want to yell at me or something.