adventuresofsupermariobros3I recently had the privilege/opportunity to appear on Matthew Green’s Power Button podcast over at Press The Buttons, something of a rarity for me as I generally don’t get to do podcasts. In fact, I might have been on sooner were it not for a little bit of miscommunication between us– Matthew thought I meant it in some sort of Hollywood “I don’t ‘do‘ that” sort of way, when the truth is that I’ve tried, but for one reason or another– lost files, tossing the segments I was in aside, etc.– I’ve just never really gotten to actually do them, at least in a way that presents any evidence.

Heck, The Mega Man Network used to have a podcast series, and I don’t think I got to appear on a single one. Life is strange like that.

But no more! I got together with Mr. Green and, when he wasn’t looking, Mr. Blake Grundman, and the production actually made it to air! …web! Whatever the term might be. It’s on Stitcher and iTunes, and there are a few other ways to check it out that you can find on Press The Buttons, including listening to it directly from the site itself.

This episode, titled “The Video Game Cartoon Express Action Zone Adventure Power Hour With David Oxford” (or maybe just “The Video Game Cartoon Express Action Zone Adventure Power Hour,” but I kind of like it the other way), sees the lot of us talk about a variety of cartoons and television shows whose origins lie with the world of video games: The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm (and the tie that binds them), Donkey Kong Country, Captain N: The Game Master, The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, The New Super Mario World, Video Power, and more– including just a bit of exclusive information on Ruby-Spears’ Mega Man cartoon show as well.

All that, and we only scratched the surface of all the video game cartoons out there!

So I hope you’ll give it a listen, and with any luck, maybe I’ll even be invited back sometime and we can discuss this topic (or others) a bit more. Until then, thanks to Matthew and Blake for having me!

  • MattG

    Thanks for coming on the show with us! We had a great conversation and you’ll have to come back sometime.