From Mario’s Hat:

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D – Find out how it stacks up to the Wii version, as well as other entries in the series.

Animal Crossing is rather unconventional, and so too is Animal Crossing New Leaf‘s review. Join me to see how the first few weeks of the game unfolded, complete with my own personal screenshots!

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Journal: Introduction
Animal Crossing: New Leaf Journal: Week 1
Animal Crossing: New Leaf Journal: Week 2
Animal Crossing: New Leaf Journal: Week 3

From Gamezebo:

Contra: Evolution – The original NES version of Contra is back, and while not quite better than ever, it comes close.

Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy – No way they could possibly mess this up… right?

Man of Steel – Another in the vein of Infinity Blade, but how does this one stack up?

Where’s My Mickey? – The best Where’s My…? game to date– learn why here.

Spiral Episode 1 – Is the PlayStation 2 old enough to be nostalgic for? Because this game sure feels like a nostalgic callback to it.

From Slide to Play:

Zombie Fish Tank – Because nothing says excitement like a dead fish– or an undead fish, as the case may be.

World War Z – Aren’t you sick of zombies yet?

SpongeBob Moves In – ♪ Ohhhh… Who has a city builder that’s on iOS?
SpongeBob SquarePants!
That’s boring and slow and fun as dead fish?
SpongeBob SquarePants! ♪

And so it goes.

Gloomy Hollow – Possibly the only game I reviewed for Slide to Play this month I can actually recommend.

From HonestGamers:

Code Name: Viper – Clearly borrows liberally from Namco’s Rolling Thunder, but is that a bad thing?

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