Wow, another month has passed already? Here are the latest reviews I’ve written, and expect to see plenty more in the near future with a new gig I’ll reveal in due time (hint: It’s not iPhone/social games this time).

Note: Nothing I said made it in.

From Mario’s Hat:

LEGO City Undercover – An extremely fun game, and one of the best offerings on the Wii U thus far, it’s definitely a must-have part of any Wii U library.

From Slide to Play:

Nimble Quest – “Snake? Snake! Snaaaaaaake!” If you fondly remember the computer game Snake, then you’ll want to check this game out, as it takes that basic gameplay style and expands upon it wonderfully.

Le Vamp – How do they keep making Nosferatu so cute?

Rock Bandits – Adventure Time – Sadly, not as much fun as watching the show.

I also turned in reviews for Nitro and Garfield’s Trivia Party, but those have apparently yet to be posted.

From Gamezebo:

Epic Battle Fantasy 4 – Besides LEGO City Undercover, this would be one of my favorite games for this month. It doesn’t break the RPG mold, but has an addictive charm that makes it worth playing just the same. Who can resist having a pet tank or a limbless cat with swords attacking your enemies at random in between turns?

WWE Presents: Rockpocalypse – This… could have been better. Very similar to Power Rangers Legends in that it’s an Infinity Blade-like game, it falls short of Rangers in that The Rock feels like a relatively small part of the whole, and the rest doesn’t hold its own very well at all.

As always, you can keep up with my Slide to Play reviews here (should they ever fix the link), my Gamezebo reviews here, and my Mario’s Hat reviews here. You can also catch some of my other reviews in Nintendo Force magazine, which is something I still need to address here on this site.