It’s funny, perhaps even poetic, in a way: Whereas my debut article on 1UP was about Mario, my debut article on IGN is instead about his younger brother, Luigi.

In “Second Banana Saga: The Story of Luigi,” I give a brief look back at Luigi’s storied career as the second son of the Super Mario Parents. From his debut in Mario Bros., Luigi’s long been content to stand behind his older brother, for better or for worse– and there have been instances of “worse,” to be sure.

But 2013 marks “The Year of Luigi” for Nintendo, and things are kicking off in a great way with the release of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. I’ve got my copy in my Nintendo 3DS XL as we speak, and you can expect a review to hit Mario’s Hat in the near future. But for now, feel free to become better-acquainted (or simply reacquaint yourself) with the road traveled by the brother in green.