My latest article, “Star Fox: Charting Possible Courses for the Future,” is now available for your reading pleasure on 1UP. With this year marking the 20th anniversary of the original game and a near-total absence from Nintendo’s last console generation, we’re left to wonder just what the future has in store for Fox McCloud and his friends.

And it is with that I look at a number of varying possibilities across this two-page feature. Personally speaking, my favorites are the ones that have Nintendo going back to the beginning– not Star Fox 64, but to the original (or its comic adaptation)– and beginning anew. This is naturally seasoned with hopeful optimism, but tempered by stark realism– it’s something I want them to do very much, but don’t really expect them to.

Either way, I want Star Fox to get a re-release of some sort, and Star Fox 2 to get a release of any sort.

As always, I hope you’ll give it a gander and, if you like it, give it a “thumbs up” and perhaps even comment on it, maybe share it with some friends. What needs to be made clear to Nintendo is that we’re still interested in Fox, Falco, and the rest.