Recently, Burger King revealed the latest promotion in their BK Crown Kids Meals: The Wii U. I covered the line at Mario’s Hat, but now I’m here to examine these toys a little more closely than what the promotional website allows. It’s three of my favorite things together: Toys, fast food, and video games, so how can I resist?

Incidentally, I’ve not been able to find any Burger Kings carrying the toys until tonight, and they only had two. So rather than wait until I have them all (which may not even happen; we’ll see), I’m just reviewing them as they come. Tonight, it’s the Wii U Sticker Dispenser and a Luigi figure.

First up is the Wii U Sticker Dispenser, pictured at left. At first, I didn’t even know what this really was, because the name and description on the website still belonged to the Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots from the last promotion. It was clearly modeled after the Wii U GamePad and released something, but whether it simply dispensed them or shot them, or of it was stickers or cards or what was unknown. They’ve since updated it, and it now reads:

Decorate your crown with this handy Wii U-shaped box with loaded sticker sheets. Slide it up, decorate, and enjoy.

I didn’t get the crown, but I’m okay with keeping the stickers in one place.

The mechanism is simple: You slide the face of the “GamePad,” and a small sticker sheet– about an inch and a half tall, maybe? –comes out of the top. There are 15 of these sheets in all. Some of the images– specifically the one of Mario sitting on the block on the second sheet in the top row– I have actually never seen before, so that’s a nifty bonus.

Overall, it’s a fairly decent-quality toy, though it’s easy to see a kid dispensing all 15 sheets, losing a third of them, sticking the rest everywhere, and the device being left to never fulfill its purpose again. Kind of sad, when you think about it, especially after three Toy Story movies telling you these things seek fulfillment.

That aside, there’s lots of potential for these stickers– decorating your Nintendo 3DS or Wii U, if you’re so inclined (and the white background would probably work well if you get the basic set of the latter). And if you just like art, computer generated or otherwise, they’re fun to look at despite the lack of size.

The other toy I got tonight was the Luigi figurine, described as follows:

Have all the fun with this freestanding Luigi figurine with adjustable arms and legs. Make him twist, bend, or raise a hand.

They were wise not to call this an action figure; while it does feature a whopping four points of articulation, none of them are very useful. He can turn his arms at the shoulders, and his legs where they meet his midsection. Not even forward or backward, like for walking or sitting, but just side-to-side. Likewise, the arms only rotate, rather than move up and down.

Interestingly, there is no neck articulation, and I would have traded all four of the joints he does have for that one alone, since it would at least be useful, depending on how you wanted him to face.

Still, it’s not a bad piece. It’s a pretty decent size, and it’s definitely solid. The paint on mine isn’t particularly sloppy, and so while the play value isn’t much, it does make a pretty decent display piece, particularly if you’re looking for a smallish Luigi for your desk or workplace.

He also comes with yet more stickers, presumably for decorating your crown.

Here is a pic of both with my regular Nintendo 3DS (not 3DS XL), to give you a sense of scale.

And that’s it for now. If you don’t feel you’re man enough to order a kids meal, then you can usually purchase these alone for under two bucks. These cost me $1.79 each, plus tax, and they might be less (or more) elsewhere, depending on where you go. I think these things tend to go for less in the States, too, but don’t hold me to that.