As it happens, reviews aren’t the only thing I’ve been up to; I’ve been writing a few things for 1UP as well.

Such as this past week’s Cover Story, Science Week! There, I have two articles available for your enjoyment: The first is called “Mysticism vs. Science in Metroid.” A lot of people seem to regard Metroid as being a pure science-fiction series, perhaps thanks in no small part to its Aliens influence, but there is more to it than that.

Elsewhere, I explore “The Real Science of Mega Man,” where we can see the plausibility of everything from elevators to the moon to PETs to Data the monkey, and more!

Finally, here’s a shout out to my wife, who also had a story in this week’s Cover Story. “Welcome to Kanto Region, Doctor” follows a normal veterinarian as she makes her first house call in an unfamiliar new place and receives an unsettling crash course in Pokémon biology.

Hey, how would you react if you saw a pink cow that lays eggs and speaks its own name?

  • Lewanut

    That Metroid article is downright fascinating. And despite my not being a Mega Man fan, you managed to hold my attention with the real-world science in his article. As for your wife’s article, I have to say, it makes James Herriot’s life sound easy.

    • David Oxford

      Thanks, glad you liked them! I have more stuff coming up, but it’s for Mega Man, so… I hope maybe it’ll further your interest?