Just a quick review, for those interested. This time out, I tried Pizza Hut’s new Hot Dog Stuffed Crust pizza.

“The innovative chefs at Pizza Hut have taken two classic favourites – pizza and hot dogs – and found a delicious way for them to be enjoyed together!” said Beverley D’Cruz, Director of Marketing at Pizza Hut Canada, in a press release. “The result… well, you’ll have to try it for yourself but I can promise that it’s an eating adventure that you won’t want to miss.”

I’m not sure there’s too much to say about it. Don’t get me wrong, it was good– quite so, in fact. But if you’ve ever had an American-style pig in a blanket, then you pretty much know exactly what kind of taste you’re getting from the Angus beef hot dog in the crust of this pizza.

In fact, my wife and I each noticed that the pizza seemed to have more of an overall “baked” feeling to it. Pizza Hut is typically regarded for its admittedly greasier, more buttery crust, but this felt a little more dry– not too dry, just a bit more than normal. Though, now that I think about it, the regular Stuffed Crust pizza is like that too, isn’t it?

There are no particular toppings to go with the pizza, so you can choose anything you like. Despite this, it does come with a pair of dipping sauces: Ketchup and honey mustard, both from Heinz. They complement the crust well, and are better than eating it dry, though we didn’t use them for the center portion of our slices.

For those wondering where the pictures of the actual food are, I can honestly say that ours looked just like the picture above, so I didn’t bother this time. Well, the crust did– we got chicken and Alfredo sauce on ours, but the important part for this review looked just like the picture.

It’s a fun experiment, no doubt, but I can just as easily get the same experience by ordering one of Pizza Hut’s regular pizzas and picking up my own pig in a blanket ingredients at the store. Now, had they found a way to work the ketchup, honey mustard, and maybe some other hot dog-type ingredients onto the pizza itself, it might be an entirely different story.

It’s not bad, and definitely worth trying once if you get the chance. But beyond that, I don’t feel particularly compelled to get another (especially with the delivery fee and tip on top of the premium Stuffed Crust price) before they pull the promotion on November 25th. Get it while you can, especially if you can get some other people to chip in, but don’t feel bad if you miss it.

  • http://lewanut.deviantart.com Lewanut

    I consider the original stuffed crust pizza to be one of the few foods that sounds both disgusting and delicious, but this just goes overboard into “digusting beyond its capability for delicious.” A hot dog and a slice of loaded pizza together are a pretty hefty meal, and nobody’s gonna eat just one slice. Of course, the presentation is probably would makes it stand out so much; if they had just sliced up the hot dog and used it as a topping, nobody would stop to think about how unhealthy it is. So it seems they’re deliberately going for the “double down” market, making it a novelty food where the appeal comes from the sheer gall of it.

    • http://www.poisonmushroom.org David Oxford

      Loaded pizza, sure. Of course, even without the hot dog, that’s kind of asking for it just the same.

      On its own, though? It’s like you say, no worse than any other ingredient… and possibly better than some of the greasier ones, such as sausage or pepperoni.

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