Wow, it’s been a little while since I last shared my reviews from elsewhere with you guys. Time to fix that!

On Slide to Play:

Rayman Jungle Run – Undoubtedly the best of the lot. If you have an iPhone, I cannot recommend this any more highly. And yes, the theme from the trailer above is in there.

Space Holiday – Connect-the-dots has never been so tricky as when asteroids get involved.

Cosmic Bump – It’s pinball! It’s a slingshot game!

Drakerider – An RPG from Square Enix with a unique interface– you control a dragon by pulling its chains!

Supermagical – It’s a match-three puzzle game with a plot and a journey.

Brainsss update – Now complete with my public belittling! That’s the worst part of reviewing iPhone games– sometimes the guys who make them will come right after you. I’ve never heard of Miyamoto, Inafune, or Kojima doing this, I have to admit.

Plight of the Zombie – Another game about how to make friends and influence people.

Aliens Abducted – Chalk one up for edutainment– this one’s actually not bad.

Deer Hunter Reloaded – Blood, x-ray sniping, and trophies– Duck Hunt, this ain’t.

Mad Skills BMX – Close, but no Excitebike.

Gears and Guts – The drive-thru version of zombie-killing games.

On Gamezebo:

Rubber Tacos – My first Facebook game review! And I think it might be slightly racist!

The Curse – A delightfully infuriating puzzle game in a similar-but-not-quite-alike vein as Professor Layton, and starring the charming troll known as The Mannequin. I know I’m supposed to not like the guy (I think?), but I can’t help it! I don’t want to lock him away again!

Skweek – Star of Lynx, Amiga, and Game Gear returns!

Swing Shot – One of the better slingshot games out there– and it features multiplayer! Let the games begin!

On Mario’s Hat:

Planet Crashers – One would think that an RPG which looks like a mash-up of Animal Crossing and Super Mario Galaxy would be great…

New Super Mario Bros. 2 – As mentioned here previously, plus an addendum. I like this one, but I expect New Super Mario Bros. U to be far better.

That’s all (but then, isn’t that enough?) for now. Of course, you can keep up with my Slide to Play reviews here, my Gamezebo reviews here, and my Mario’s Hat reviews here. I’ll see if I can’t just keep to updating this monthly, though.