Here’s one more review for you all, but this time it’s something a little different. You see, it’s not food, and it’s not a video game (though it is related to one)… it’s a toy!

Back at Otakon, I received a review sample of Vile from Bandai’s D-Arts Mega Man X line, and it took me a while to get the review finished and finally posted. Part of it was getting all of the pictures– our apartment has been terrible for lighting these past few months, and eventually I just finally picked a decent day and did it… though the sun was already fading by the time I neared the end of the photo session. Next time, I hope to have a good lamp on hand for better lighting… and maybe a better camera, too.

Still, I hope these pics get the point across of how much you can do with the figure (with a personal favorite serving as a sample to your right), and my toy-reviewing skills aren’t too rusty. He’s not much for any sort of rough play, but he’s a terrific display piece. For the full review and the rest of my fun-time photo session, head over to The Mega Man Network.