Have you ever checked out the list of affiliates down on the sidebar there? If you have, you might have seen one called “Stardroids,” which is a Mega Man fancomic written, drawn, inked, and colored by Terra. I recommend checking it out, as it does have some funny one-shots and storylines; a personal favorite is her four-part Battle & Chase – The Quick Man Files” arc about Quick Man, which I love to bring out elsewhere whenever someone asks “why is Sonic driving a car when he can run fast?”

Anyway, Terra has just finished coloring in all the pages of her 32-page “True Blue” story, which is a more dramatic tale about Mega Man X, Zero, and their colleagues. So if you haven’t already, go check it out!

  • http://genisay.deviantart.com Genisay

    It’s so sad! The Stardroids website and archives seem to be broken! I can no longer reach the website. T.T I hope this is temporary, and not a permanent shutdown.