Here’s a little blast from the past I thought I’d dig up for this wonderful Fourth of July holiday.

The Top 6 Most American Video Game Characters” is a silly little piece I wrote for fun back when I was working at Kombo. The interesting part of this list is that none of these characters were really made in America, but I felt they each possessed attributes which made them “American” in ways that went beyond something as simple as where they or their creators were born. And so I tried to focus more on that, resulting in a list that somehow manages to be both tongue-in-cheek, yet sincere in its sentiments.

Naturally, there are people who disagreed. Oh well, you can’t please everybody.

Of course, I will admit: Part of me secretly looked forward to inciting some sort of outburst, whether positive or negative, upon people clicking number one. Ain’t I a stinker?

Oh, and one last thing: I should probably have actually put Bandit Keith on the list, shouldn’t I? But licensed Yu-Gi-Oh games aside, he doesn’t really count, does he? Either way, I couldn’t resist using that image, then or now.

  • Lewanut

    Honestly? My reaction to seeing [redacted] in the number one spot was relief. After what you said about wanting to provoke an outburst, I was afraid you had chosen General Custer from the Atari.