Sorry for not updating much this week, but there has been a bit on my plate…

…such as Where’s My Perry?, a new iPhone release from Disney Mobile and the creators of the hit Where’s My Water?, to which this is like an indirect sequel. Is it worth your hard-earned money? Or is it better spent creating a new -inator to wipe its very existence from the App Store? Find out in my review here at Slide to Play. Sadly, no one has commented yet… and after all the fun references I included, too!

Other recent reviews of mine on Slide to Play include RayStorm, Cuboid, and Pixely People Making Movies. Or you can just browse all of my Slide to Play reviews here. I’ve also recently reviewed Swing Shot, a 3D take on the Angry Birds style of gameplay, at Gamezebo.

As for this site, don’t worry: More new content is coming soon!