It took far longer than I imagined, but here, during the week of E3, PoisonMushroom.Org is finally back!

Well, mostly. We’re still fine-tuning a few things here and there, making some tweaks, adding some new stuff, but this is more or less the new site. Snazzy, huh? A hundred thanks each to both Tabby and LanceHeart for helping bring this together so that I can write as recreational once again.

I mentioned this before, but it’s been nearly six months, so I’m going over it again. I’m scaling back on the whole Twitter thing (it will continue on, now as a separate entity– check the sidebar on the front page, and hopefully any other page soon). Instead, the new aim is to offer more thoughtful commentary on fewer items.

Hopefully not too few, however; I do have quite a few interests, and video games are but one (and perhaps the greatest) among them. So while that might make up a majority of the content, I hope to still write about other geeky interests of mine– comic books, wrestling, action figures, food, maybe some other fun stuff as well. Not too different from before, perhaps, if you look at the Features section, but hopefully different enough. Maybe I’ll elaborate sometime when I fill out the “About PMO” section.

I did have several ideas for articles to start off this relaunch… but that was before it wound up happening right in the middle of E3. So I’m putting those aside for now, and attempting to sort out where to start on E3 subjects in my head and go from there.

So, to any new readers who might be seeing this site for the first time: Welcome! And to those who have been here before: Welcome back! Let’s hope the ride is smooth.

  • taichara

    Welcome back X3