So, Spider-man has a new movie coming out, and… Zzz…

Okay, so admittedly, Spider-man has been on the outs with me ever since that whole “sold my marriage to the devil” thing Marvel did to nearly ruin him. And honestly? A reboot isn’t really what I want in a new movie– “untold story,” my foot. I’ve seen his origin told so many times and so many ways that the only way to surprise me would be if Uncle Ben lives… and no, I don’t want that, either.

So a game based on that movie? Zzz… but wait! A mode where you can instead play as Stan Lee, chasing after his windblown script papers through the city with Spider-powers and fighting crime on the side? That is so outrageous that all I can say is “sign me up!”

Now watch it be some unlockable or DLC or something.

Thanks to Topless Robot for bringing this to my attention, and curse Topless Robot for taking the good, obvious headline.