Over at The Mega Man Network, we’ve just posted a recent interview I conducted with Ian Flynn, a writer of many hats at Archie Comics. His works include Sonic the Hedgehog, companion title Sonic Universe, and the Archie superhero revival known as The New Crusaders, but given the place this interview was published, it’s obvious that this interview focuses on his other title, Mega Man.

So give it a look to learn more about the upcoming story arc which delves into the origin of Proto Man, the appearance of upcoming Robot Masters (some sooner than you might expect), and what to expect regarding future game adaptations.

  • Rod

    After reading that interview, it really pleases me to see that Mega Man is in good hands. I really enjoy how Ian has been handling the series so far, especially being respectful to the source material and putting on his unique spin on it. I can’t wait to see how they establish Proto Man.