Okay, so it’s been a little while since I last updated here, and as you may have noticed, Twitter digest updates have ceased as well. And, if you can see this, I figure that perhaps I owe you a little bit of an explanation.

The past few months have been something of a whirlwind of activity for me, including quite a number of video game reviews and trying to work to get other projects off the ground. On top of all that, I’m looking at something of a revamp for PoisonMushroom.Org. The Twitter thing was meant to help augment the content here in a way reminiscent of the way things used to be run here, rather than effectively supplant it (links to my work on other sites notwithstanding).

So, following the eventual relaunch of PMO, I hope to focus more on fewer topics, but with more depth than has been seen as of late. At least, that’s the plan. Updates may be fewer (though hopefully not as rare as this), but I hope the content will be worth coming for.

And for those following the Twitter feed… well, I have to wonder: Should I continue to retweet things which catch my eye there? Other than posting updates from the site (which themselves were often accumulations of stuff posted to Twitter), that is more or less all the Twitter feed has been. I wouldn’t mind keeping that up– though the digests would either no longer appear here, or appear less frequently– but I wouldn’t be posting as many tweets, either. To put it another way, I’d post stuff there more casually than before, rather than grabbing virtually everything which comes across my feed.

That’s pretty much it for now. Hopefully the new design will be ready before the New Year! And if not…

Happy Holidays!

–LBD “Nytetrayn”

  • http://website.com.com LanceHeart

    Things will be coming *very* soon!