• “@GoNintendoTweet: Japan – Club Nintendo getting Excitebots http://t.co/dG01v9j " #
  • Re: Excitebots: Good for them! It's a great game, and this is a cool way to offer it. Hopefully @NintendoAmerica takes some notes. #
  • “@Kotaku: Can Valve Really Make a Sequel For a Game They Didn't Create? http://t.co/WcCXDZf " #
  • “@g4tv: Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Progam game list confirmed. http://t.co/G18JnGU " #
  • Not a bad list… a few of those are long-time "always wanted to play it, but never had the chance" games. Hope our list is similar. #
  • “@GoNintendoTweet: THQ brings WWE action to the third dimension with WWE All Stars on 3DS http://t.co/lxuCOeg " #
  • “@GoNintendoTweet: Miyamoto using Wii U controller to enhance Wii Fit exercises http://t.co/7dNMix3 " #
  • “@VG247: Iwata: “I certainly do not think that Wii was able to cater to every gamer’s needs”: Nintendo CEO Satoru… http://t.co/m4CUMMf " #
  • “@RipTen: You Thought Kevin Butler Quit Sony? Think Again:
    Just a few days ago, we reported that the man Kevin But… http://t.co/zYnLKhO " #
  • Study: Chocolate Cuts Risk Of Heart Disease And Strokes – The Consumerist: http://t.co/Konuxd0 via @AddThis #
  • “@PressTheButtons: Complete List Of Free NES Games For 3DS Ambassadors Announced http://t.co/YRBQWbL " #
  • “@GoNintendoTweet: http://t.co/oDNVTpb Mario fan-art, Zelda cosplay and Resident Evil merchandise” #
  • “@1up: Radiant Silvergun Slated for September 14 Release on XBLA http://t.co/PQjgFWE " #
  • “@IGN: Iwata and Miyamoto talk openly about why the Wii was perceived as a 'casual' console. http://t.co/mAEhdvE " #
  • “@MyNintendoNews: Nintendo America Announces Their 10 Free NES Games For Nintendo 3DS http://t.co/SJjWawP " #
  • “@Capcom_Unity: Interview with a Capcom Legend http://t.co/K6Ht95J " #
  • “@cracked: 6 Reasons the Comments on This Article Will Be Useless: http://t.co/U5gkJsX " #
  • “@GoNintendoTweet: What is a 3DS 'Ambassador Certificate'? http://t.co/Omcapp8 " #
  • “@1up: Metroid: Other M Samus Figures Coming in 2012 http://t.co/mUjK1xI " #
  • “@GoNintendoTweet: eBay auctions for Aug. 30th – NES, SNES, Game Boy protos http://t.co/8wpOhNH " #

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